February 17, 1997

Hello! from Sydney Australia, home of the Olympics in 2000. The city is great, people are friendly and fashionable. The streets are clean and safe to walk any time of the day. The food is reasonably priced. All the goods and services are similar to major cities in the states. The skyline is very scenic and the city has numerous parks. My personal favorite is the Royal Botanic Gardens, which boarder the skyline.

I spent the last few days exploring Sydney. I also met a guy from Sweden. Tom has been to Australia before and as shown me many sites. The two of us have been visiting a few of the endless amount of pubs in Australia. The Aussies know how to party. "Kate," a local woman I met, has been showing Tom and I some local history of Sydney. Saturday night drove us to The Blue Mountains to have a look around.

The Blue Mountains are a few hours drive east of Sydney. The mountains are named for the bluish haze that encompasses them. The views were nice, with a thick forest of gum trees (eucalyptus HElP) and various scrub brush. However, the mountains of New Zealand are much more spectacular. But, everything must be appreciated for its own beauty. Well, I must explore more of Sydney before I travel south. Presently, I am planning on traveling south on the coast road to Melbourne. Then catch a ferry over to Tasmania. Stay tuned and have a map to chart the way along.....T.C.

Photos from Australia's Wilderness

February 18, 1997

I'm in the city of Sydney waiting for a parcel from the U.S. The package contains various gear items for my journey in Australia however, international mail has its delays. Therefore, I must remain busy in the mean time. Today I went to Bondi Beach. It is about 10 miles southeast of Sydney. The beach was very hip, it made Bay Watch look rated "G". The beach was only about three quarters of a mile long but, it was full of topless beach bunnies. The sand was really soft and white. The waves made for good body surfing. Also, I had the company of three friends. A Norwegian guy (Ziggy) I met in Christchurch N.Z. and couple of his friends.

There is always someone I seem run into while traveling that is enjoyable to pastime with. When one travels alone it is usually a temporary thing, until, they seek the companionship of others. Many other travelers have similar paths that cross regularly. I will be exploring Sydney Harbor tomorrow on the ferry to Manly Beach. Stay tuned for more details. Over and out.

February 19, 1997

I went to Manly beach via the ferry through Sydney Harbor. It is very beautiful with many coves, inlets, and fashionable homes. The weather was nice and sunny with a temperature of 25 Celsius (82 far.). The day was spent with my friend Ziggy from Norway. The mail package is not here yet.

February 20, 1997

Still in Sydney waiting for a parcel that should have arrived a week ago. I did accomplish a few more city tasks. However, the jungle boy is starting to get restless. I've started making plans to travel tomorrow. The city of Sydney has been a kind host to me, but, the pedals must be a cranking on down the highway.

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