Chris, Jayne and Baby Silas


Traveling on down the highway. I Departed with my hosts in Cow Bay. Jayne, Silas and Chris are wonderful folks. Their company has provided some insight into the Daintree region and its importance in regards to preservation. I cycled 40 km to the Mossman Gorge for a swim in the rapids. The Gorge is fed from the Great Dividing Range which flows into the ocean. Continuing into Port Douglas to experience "The Rain Forest Habitat Wildlife" Sanctuary tomorrow.

April 27, 1997


I'm in Port Douglas to view The Rainforest Habit Wildlife Sanctuary. "The purpose of the Rain forest Habitat is to enable visitors to appreciate and understand with a little more detail the intricate interdependence of rain forest fauna, and flora by experiencing close up some of its inhabitants and through this appreciation aid its conservation." Situated on the entrance to Port Douglas on the corner of Cook Highway and Port Douglas, it was constructed in 1988 and depicts three different and unique environments. Habitat is now considered to be the wildlife park of the future where tourists can wander in the huge enclosures with the animals. It now boasts over 1000 animals and growing.

The park consists of four major areas: Wet Tropics, Information and Reception, the Wetlands and Atrium, the Wallaby and crocodile area and the Rain Forest Aviary. The are considered by most to be the main attractions of the Rainforest Habitat. This amazing rain forest aviary houses over 74 species of birds and animals. A meandering walkway takes you through the different levels of the rain forest, over waterways and even through a tunnel where displays of fish and tree frogs are illuminated. Throughout the day informative guided tours are available. The Rain forest Habitat is open daily from 8:00-5:30. Admission for adults is $16. The goal of the Rainforest Habitat is to educate others to the importance of conservation of the wet tropics.

April 28, 1997


Organizing the details of my trip to Bali here in Cairns. I enjoyed the hospitality of the Geysers in Trinity Beach. They have been nice enough to allow their residence as a home base. Paul and Colleen are characters at the moment; they have an Italian guest, an American, an Aussie couple and their daughter Henneke. A week ago in Canberra the Australian Nationals and Mt. Biking were held. After only 18 months of riding a bike Henneke Geysen won. If you have the pleasure to meet Honi please do. She is a vibrant, determined young woman who enjoys life one day at time. Being Australian National Champion in such a short time demonstrates her willpower. Honi's advice is to set a goal and make it happen.

April 29, 1997


Had the pleasure to ride the World Mountain Biking Championship course of 1996. Paul and Colleen Geysen, being professional photographers, had several photos of the event published in various magazines. I appreciated the trail guide services of Henneke.

April 30, 1997


I guess it's common practice to introduce myself before anything else, although I'm not sure that's such a great thing. Never mind, just for the sake of it, my name is Honi. Yes Honi, not honey, hanky or horny, I'll leave the rest to the imagination. You may wonder what the hell I'm doing writing in Tim's web page, well he happens to be bunking at our house at this point in time, and asked me to add my bit to the traveling computer journal. Supposedly to make it a little more interesting but to this point it's far from that.

Tim and I are people of common interest, me being Australia's national mountain bike champion, with a big head of course. A normal day in my life consists of training, more training, and eating. I can empathize with Tim when says he has a constant appetite, but today is somewhat different because to be quite frank, I feel SHIITE. Today's activities consisted of a granny gear ride to Palm Cove, a beach 10 km up the road, followed by rest and more rest. I'm in perfect form as far as laziness is concerned, whereas my newly found buddy Tim here has been very productive, cleaning his bike and our house, and organizing the trip ahead. What a fantastic lifestyle he has created for himself, not that I'm complaining because my life consists of living 6 months in Oz and 6 months in Europe. Not to mention, riding mountain bikes for a living. I'm what you would call an adrenaline junkie!

Sundown in Uluru, Red Centre, N.T.

Photo: Peter Lik

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