fffffffffWhat Is The National Cycling Series?

The National Cycling Series will showcase top talent International Professional Cyclists. Olympic and World Champions will compete in this short-track race series, displaying high-speed, high energy racing; packed with aggressive action from the bloody crashes to the final sprint for victory. This series delivers what sponsors and fans both crave, from grass roots marketing to high visibility of an international event.

This series features Criterium racing which is American born and bred. Criterium racing is the most popular cycle racing in the USA, even more popular than Tour de France style stage races.

Currently the fastest growing sub-culture in cycling, this brand of cycling appeals to viewers wanting fast-paced action akin to NASCAR and other extreme sports such as Superbike. This short-track series delivers crashes, spills, thrills and non-stop action. Televised Criterium racing is a new way to see athletes in action.

The viewers stay close to the action by tracking the statistics of real time technical feeds monitoring athlete’s heart rates, wattage and speed. The viewer is shown the relevance of these numbers with the help Human Performance Testing, revealing in layman’s terms the super-human abilities of these athletes.This will gradually educate the novice and satisfy the expert as the series develops.

Watch speed limits of the human body broken, heart rates through the roof, power output max-ed; all delivered in “real time” as these athletes go head to head at the NCS.