2004 Advertising Rates

Advertising Benefits

Advertisers will have the ability to maximize product and logo placement throughout the series to our millions of ENTHUSIASTIC VIEWERS. In addition to your direct commercial advertisement, a Special Segment Leadin "highlights" your brand. We work with advertisers to broadcast your marketing message and promote your brand through product placement that will drive sales to new levels.



hhhhhhhhhhhhhGold $15,000
hhhhhhhhhhhhh10 commercials at $1,500 per 30 second slot

hhhhhhhhhhhhhSilver $8,750
hhhhhhhhhhhhh5 commercials at $1,750 per 30 second slot

hhhhhhhhhhhhhBronze $2,000
hhhhhhhhhhhhh1 commercial at $2,000 per 30 second slot

hSegment Lead In:
hhhhhhhhhhhhh$5,000 +
hhhhhhhhhhhhhSportsmercials are designed with a particular category in mind, such as Tech Center
hhhhhhhhhhhhhwith Shimano's "Gear of the Pros". Segments air throughout the series with a voice-over
hhhhhhhhhhhhhto call the action. These represent real value especially when compared to print media.

Category Exclusivity & Official Series Naming Rights can be obtained for an additional 25% of cost of the commercials.

Contact Cycling Series to arrange your customized media package of commercials and segments.

For more information contact Tim Chase at 415.225.4200 or tim@worldbike.com
National Cycling Series 3450 Sacramento St. suite 443 San Francisco, CA 94118