Media Outlet
ENTHUSIASTIC VIEWERS on proposed 2004 schedule

The NCS through Nielsen/Net Ratings offers packages to pinpoint your
Demographics both on Television and Internet.

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Your television media dollars can be quantified by tracking your marketing campaigns with online polls, contests and other such programs that gather the market data of these ENTHUSIASTIC VIEWERS. The NCS viewers experience first hand the action of speed, tactics and even crashes; the viewers are exposed to the inside of cycling as they watch the drama unfold.

The NCS offers high quality Television and Media opportunities at a low cost, while reaching the desired ENTHUSIASTIC VIEWER who will purchase your products. Look to the NCS to build brand awareness as well as light up your phones with business opportunities. The NCS can be a call to action sales and marketing tool for your distribution channel.

Major Metro Events Schedule 2004
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami,
Boston, Richmond, and Vancouver
media impressions**

Fox Sports T.V. HH 75,000,000
Print 10,000,000
Internet, Online News
& Cycling Sites 15,000,000
Cycling Magazines 2,000,000
Television: Local Affiliate Live
or Taped, ESPN, ABC, FOX... 3,000,000
Spectators 250,000
Total Impressions over 100,000,000