Tuesday January 21, 1997

Hello from lake Hawea had a hard day in the saddle. We had a headwind of 10 to 60 mph all day. There was no such thing as a downhill. The wind was relentless. As I type this it is Howling like a tornado over my tent Once again the climate in N.Z. continues to change daily. The West Coast is covered in dense bush, lush and green in appearance. This region has traditionally relied on its extractive industries. Today, with many coal-mines closing, and with saw mills winding down, it is a declining economically. Well, must get some rest and prepare to climb over Haast Pass.

Wednesday January 22, 1997

At Lake Hawea ran into a few locals......

We have meet this real nice person called Tim. By the way my name is Latoya. He has told us every thing we need to know. By for now Latoya. Hi my name is Brydhi Ramage. It was nice meeting you. You are A good friend bye Brydhi Ramage. Paul Gibson, father of Bianca, toya and chlo-jo. Also catcher of large fish. West Coast fish are easy to catch!!! Tight lines! Shane Chrissy Bonni Brydhi and Siobhan Ramage here at Lake Hawea. Shane would like to say He's caught 3 more fish than Paul these holidays!!! Have an excellent trip - great to have met you. Bianca Gibbon is happy to say she is enjoying herself a whole lot more than what she would be if she was in Alexandra. I think Tim, Sawnn, and Ara are so cool!

Notes from Kiwis By Bianca Gibson

I want one of these computers for my birthday. I like the computer because it is fun to use and it's from America!!!!!. I think this little machine would be ideal for me . I'm at High School now and it would be so handy. 2.I would pay half price and will pay the other. Because I just love it!!!!!

(as you can probably understand)

P.S. I think Americans are very cooooool!!!!!!!!.

Hi again its me, Latoya

I like you heaps, see you next time.

Love Latoya.

Just a few friends I spent the last day passing time with. The Kiwi families of the Gibsons and the Ramages were great people. Both families had three witty girls each. These Kiwis were kind enough to feed the three of us. Also, The evening was spent enjoying a bottle of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. These bloody Kiwis definitely know how host a party.

The ride today was epic. The Southern Alps are spectacular scenery to ride thru. We cycled 100km in beautiful weather and set up camp along the Haast River.This is official considered the West Coast of the South Island of N.Z. The pedal today,went past many waterfalls and rushing rivers.Goodnight for now,looking forward to exploring the west coast in detail over the next week.

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