Monday January 29, 1997

The weather is perfect, from Punakaiki. This morning I intend on putting the pedal to the metal all day. But, as a pleasant surprise I came on this town and met many interesting people. I think traveling alone has many plus. Generally people are much more open and accom- modating. The ride from Rapahoe to Punakaiki climbs up and down past a series of bluffs. This is a lovely area;with lonely beaches strewn with driftwood and windswept bush. Punakaiki is famous for its rock formations- stratified limestone. The stacks rising sheer from the Tasman Sea. The area is preserved as part of the new Paparoa National Park.

The hostel is cool, called Te Nikau retreat. It is deep in the dense forest, kind of feels like some Northern California Hippie retreat. Unsure what is going on the next few days. I must say it is nice being the boss with only one employee on the payroll. Stay tuned for more exploration in N.Z.

Tuesday January 30, 1997

Hello from camp at the Tasman Sea on the beach. The name of the town is Rapahoe, north of Greymouth about 15 km . The local motel let me set up camp in front here. The country side is more rolling than down south about 100 km. My mates (Ara Shawn) I ran into yesterday on the road. Had a finally good-bye wish from them in Hokitika. It was pleasant to have seen them one last time. But, they are taking a different route back to Christ church have opted for more miles and better scenery up the north coast of the South Island. Then a look at the Rainbow Forest into Hanmer Springs .AT which time I can take a long hot spring bath. This cycling a 100 km a day is heaps of work. The pedal along the coast from Lake Ianthe to Rapahoe was 110 km of flat terrain. Now I am Headed to see the town Punakaiki were the have "pancake flats". Huge rocks that come right out of the Tasman Sea. Well, must get things together, bye for now.

Wednesday January 31, 1997

Hello Everybody. I am a Danish guy, Jan Mandrup Jacobsen, age 28, who have just met Tim in the hostel where We are both staying. It`s called "Te Nikau Retreat", Puna-kaiki, South Island, New Zealand. For the last couple of hours we have been sitting in the kitchen eating spaghetti and talking about life in general and traveling experinces in particular. That`s very typical for independent travelers. You meet up with a stranger - get into conversation with him or her - and the next day you both travel on in different directions. Both with another new, good experience in your memory.

Decided to spend the day visiting the site in Punakaiki. Went to the beach in the morning with a South African Journalist age 23 from Johannesburg. She was informative in many about the culture of Africa. Then spend the evening bush bashing (hiking ) with an Australian woman. It was nice to have a day off from the bicycle. Meeting people is very easy being solo. I suggest that more people try it. The experience is greater because its is all up to you ;to have the self esteem to make it happen. Goodnight for now it lights out time.

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