February 27, 1997

Left the hospitality of the Doyles in Cooma. They are both teachers and their students are well educated. I rode from Cooma to Jindabyne, 65 KM, and picked up supplies for my next off road adventure. The Barry Way is 150 km from Jindabyne to Buchan. After leaving town, I met more friendly Australians, Mike Corbett and daughter Katie from Hobbitt Farm. The farm produces traditional French cheese from the Snowny Mountains. If one is interested in visiting or staying at Hobbitt Farm, Mike can be reached at (064) 578171. The reception was great with a quality meal and accommodations. Mike is a character himself not to missed on a trip through the area. Time to earn my keep and go help make some cheese. See ya.

February 28, 1997

At the Hobbitt Farm, I had the pleasure to sample fresh goat milk for breakfast. I worked on the Goat farm herding and milking the animals. Farm life is lots of hard labor. But, it can be rewarding at the days end to see how much you have accomplished.

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