March 1, 1997

The stay at the goat farm ended. Riding was important to move in the direction of Melbourne. I traveled south on the Barry Way. It was quite an off road adventure. The fire wood was scenic with the Snowy River flowing along my side. The mountains vegetation is mostly white box and white cypress pine trees. These are the most common tree species in the valley and this is one of the largest remnants of these, east of the Great Dividing Range.

Many of the birds come to the Snowy River area to nest in spring, including the rainbow, bee-eaters, spotted pardalote, and the yellow-tufted honey-eater. Birds seen year-round include treecreepers, blue wrens, choughs, and emus. Animals include the eastern gray kangaroo, the red-necked and swamp wallaby, and the tiger quoll. In the river you may find eels, platypus, river blackfish, and the Australian grayling. Introduced trout are found in the Pinch, Jacobs, and Ingeegoobeee rivers.

Rode to Suggan Buggan to set up camp. After setting up camp and having tea (super), I was greeted by two motorbike fellows both named Peter. They invited me to have tea at their cabin. Being a solo cyclist I accepted. What a GOOD decision- we had a quality evening. The tea was roasted lamb with all the fixings. We also went spotting in the bush.

March 2, 1997

Suggan Buggan at Peter Hill-Jordans cabin. I have been invited to the cabin and given a room all to myself. These guys have been the best. The hospitality is incredible. They have provided a warm bed, quality food, and great friendship.

Today the weather pissed down rain all day. But, being the mountain man that we are, we braved the elements. We went trout fishing in the Suggan Buggan River. However, we all ended up with nil in the trout department. Peter Geysen claimed that this was the first time in over three years it has happened. Then, we had another great feed of steak and veggies. The evening was spent having several brews around the fireplace. One could not expect this kind treatment. But, I do hope to show my appreciation someday. So, when you see a solo traveler one day, think about sharing a few things with them and it will come full circle. As adventures take me to parts unknown- it is reassuring to be greeted so warmly. Keep the faith Tim

March 3, 1997

In Suggan Buggan hanging with two new mates. The day was full of exciting events. First, I went for a mountain bike ride in the morning with Peter Hill-Jordan. Second, I had an afternoon motorbike ride and a swim in the river. Then, I met some of Peter Hill-Jordans business associates. The evening tea was a wonderful dish of lamb. The host of the two Peters has been a first class. The memories of the Suggan Buggan will always be some of my finest.

March 4, 1997

I left Suggan Buggan for Melbourne. My new mates (Peter Hill-Jordan & Peter Geysen) gave me a ride into town. The car was nice because the drive was all highway. I also saved several days riding thru rolling farm country. My plans are to head toward Tasmania in the next few days. The quality of cycling is supposed to be awesome in Tasmania. I plan on having a look around Melbourne for a few days. Stay tuned to see updates from the beautiful city in Victoria, Australia.

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