Photo by: Craig Lamotte

April 4, 1997


Chilling at the hostel in Bryon Bay. The hostel is across the street from the beach and a block from d-town. Bryon is a surfer, hippie, tourist town. The beach and the surfing is killer in this area.

April 5, 1997

Enjoyed Tallow beach in Bryon Bay with some awesome surf. I'm checking with the locals for some advice on my travel plans. The town of Bryon is a fashionable, groove spot. However, I feel that many of the people are acting a little too hard at their game. The city is a very popular stop. However, I enjoy the character of the backroad destinations in my travels.

April 6, 1997

Departed Bryon Bay in the morning for a beautiful pedal on the beach. I cycled on the shores of the pacific ocean for some 30 km. It was epic. The surf crashing along side myself was peaceful as well as powerful. One stretch of the beach became a nudist colony. The funniest was a 300 pound man fishing in the surf. I wanted to take a photo, but I did not want to seems audacious. The ride ended outside the town of Surfers Paradise into the Gold Coast. The Indy Cars were in Surfers Paradise for a race today. Time to set up the tent in this local park on the ocean. Goodnight



April 7, 1997


Tony Webster: Doing my 6 am bike training for the next big tour. Who's this bloke camping free on the beach nature reserve. Turns out its Tim from the US heading North. We decide to swap experiences. Never ridden a surf board eh? Soon fixed that. Spent half the day perfecting the most dignified way to fall off, picking up a light sun burn on the way. Spent the remainder of the day trying to spot dolphins and whales from Durambah headland on the New South Wales -Queensland border. Nice little chat with two Japanese tour guides then back to the Tonys.

April 8, 1997

The Webster's have been cheerful host's. The day was spend working on the Web Page in the Gold Coast town of Bilinga. The Webster's allowed me access to a phone line and a comfortable place to relax. The weather was beautiful with sunny skys and a cool breeze. The Aussies are a society that is open to strangers. If more people would open their minds and accept others we all could co-exist in peace. The perception of the States is that the streets are unsafe. The media and Hollywood paint a picture for the world of crime running rampant in the U.S.A. The impression the world has of The States is similar to the T.V. program "COPS". This is a sad label with which to be stuck. So beware of how a label can cause misinformation. Until you have read the book- don't assume its contents. T.C.

April 9, 1997


I departed the Webster's in Bilinga in the morning after Tony continues to give some more advice and route plans. The Webster's are of the rare species of man that are naturally giving as way of life.. The next cycle trek was up the coast to Surfers Paradise for viewing. After lunch I began to motor through Brisbane (bisssbin), however the only route was the motor way. I Powered for 45km along side vehicles doing 100 plus km's.. With rush hour traffic approaching I sought other means . The local train station 3 blocks away ... yes. Two local youths assisted me into Brisbane for FREE. I Explored the city for 2 hours - nice. Then caught a train north to Beerburrum . This avoids all the city traffic for five dollars. Now in the dark of night in the middle of East Bum, I find a campsite.. I rememberd they have deadly snakes, spiders, huge lizards, crocodiles ? Well, I found a cozy rest area.and gazed at the stars for hours then dozed off under the canopy of stars for the night with no tent. The area has an Aboriginal past and I could sense some vibes throughout the night.

April 10, 1997


Woke to the spectacular beauty of the Glass Mountains. These mountains are named after Aboriginals. The belief is that one son cowardly did not help his family in a time of floods, never spoken to again by his father. The arrangement of the peaks has the father looking out away from his son. In the afternoon I visited The Queensland Reptile and Fauna park. The park includes the massive salt water crocodile. This 25 plus foot animal looks at man as lunch. The salt water crocodiles usually only eat once every six months . Crocs are so smart that they study patterns of things and plan their attack accordingly. Other interesting fauna included: tortoise, exotic snakes, lace monitors lizards, even koala. All these animals have been hurt in some way causing the park to rehabilitate them for survival. I then cycled to the coastal city of Coolum Beach where I skated on a free campsite.

April 11, 1997


I cycled along the Sunshine coast for 20 km to reach the town of Noosa. The coastline contents have some great stretches of wide, sandy beaches. These are among the world's finest. The clear blue surf is a perfect temperature for a swim.I made some plans to explore Fraser Island and the colored sands beach. Fraser Island is the World largest sand Island. On Sunday I will enjoy a boat trip to have a look. The town of Noosa is a small friendly holiday destination. I am doing some planning and R and R for my final two weeks in Australia.



April 12, 1997

I'm Relaxing at the Halse Lodge in Noosa Heads. The weather is great 21 degrees Celsius(70). The host at the lodge, would like to say hello:


Halse Lodge is the newest Backpackers haven, at Noosa Heads, on the Sunshine Coast. This unique facility is set on two acres, with surrounding natural bushland. Our accommodation is only 150 meters from the famous Hasting Street, Nite Life, and the Beach, with Noosa National Park only a short distance further down the street. Halse Lodge is an historical building, listed with the National Trust, and soon to be listed as well as the last original wooden structure in Noosa. This allows Guests to sample a piece of Australian history during their stay. All this for only $15.00 per person per night.

Noosa is the ideal vantage point to Fraser Island as most of the best attractions on the Island are towards the southern end. There are quite a few different styles of tours available from Noosa to Fraser Island. Ranging from day trips, to two night - three day Safari's, and eco tours through the Everglades, the Famous Eumundi Markets, and Scuba Diving to name a few. Being a former Backpacker myself, I can help you with information about what to see and do further up North, if you are going to Airlie Beach or Cairns or anywhere in between, as long as you are going somewhere in Queensland, or around the Byron Bay District I can help you. I've been to the Northern Territory as well, so I can help you with info on there too.

Please remember, we do not keep brochures on any place that a member of staff has not been on, usually me or Vicki, or one of our cooks. So feel free to use us as the information bureau. Above all , always check your prices with everything regarding tours, as almost everyone sells tours so beware!

I wish you happy and safe traveling.

Kind regards

Angela Wilcox

April 13, 1997


Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Composed entirely of sand. Fraser, the island of stunning, contrasting mystic beauty, has its history steeped back to the Aboriginal Dream Time. Today, it is a subject of controversy and endless source of amazement to the traveler. Fraser Island owes its existence to the most violent forces of nature-cyclonic storms, furious winds and lashing gales, set in motion the events which created the great sandy island.

The landscape is one of densely wooded rain forest, high scrub, thickets of wild flowers, tangled vines, ferns and palms, the trees are amongst the tallest in the world, verdant swamps and grasslands, and that all these thrive in sand is one of the island's great wonders.Wildlife abounds with dingoes, goannas and 250 species of birds. The island was a spectacular site of nature. How a rain forest and perched lakes can survive in sand is a wonder in itself. Imagine walking down into a valley hidden by trees to be enchanted by a vast variety of wildflowers lining the shores of a freshwater lake.

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