April 14, 1997


Due to time constraints I boarded a bus last night to Airlie Beach. The painful journey lasted from 8:00 PM until 12.30 p.m. today. It must be the worst way to travel - so sterile . However, due to the vast distances between places in Queensland, it is required. I have only two weeks left in Australia. I am planning on exploring the Great Barrier Reef before I leave the country.

April 15, 1997


The Great Barrier Reef was breathtaking. I had the pleasure to experience two dives in the natural beauty of the reef. It was similar to swimming in a huge fish tank surrounded by coral and heaps of tropical fish. The boat ride through the Whitsunday Islands was very scenic. These islands can be explored by being marooned from a local sailing company on an island for several days followed by a 80 km ocean trek to Hardy's Reef. The tour company of Fantasea Cruises was professional . The reef trip was a memorable and worthy adventure. It is the sixth wonder of the world. What a life! Another day, another adventure. Today become certified to dive in open waters on the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, Australia. This excursion will be cherished by anyone willing to take the adventure. A few of my mates on the M.V. Coral Reef would like to say G'day from the reef!

Hello Mr. Diary. My name is Niki. I am the Dive Master on the boat! Hjope you are enjoying your trip. This is quite a snazzy gadget. We don't see many of these here in the big blue. Weel I must go and watch the football(rugby). Have fun , don't be good! Love, Niki

Sex On My Mind! Hi I'm Nat. I'm a hosty here and my job is to make sure Tim is happy and satisfied. Well I've seen some horses before, but Timmy boy takes the cake. I'll be walking funny with a smile on my face and a tingle in my loins for a few days to come. See you Tim. Thanks for the ramming good time! Hope you had an awesome time. Its been cool meeting you. Maybe I'll catch you around some time.

As you can see the dive trip was lots of fun. The best part of the trip was the instructor (Trevor). His crusieee way of life was a pleasure to be around .The Dive company comes highly recommended -CDC. Located at 12 Abbott St.. in Cairns. They will provide a professional enjoyable trip. See Ya underwater.

April 16, 1997


These bloody long bus rides are rough! Lucky to have met a few cool people. Here are some of my new mates:

Hello my name is Heidi and I met this funny guy at the bus stop in Bowen. Was soll ich noch schreiben? Bus fahren ist so lanfweilig und draussen scheint die sun mit einigen wolken. NA kannst du es lesen? It was nice to meet you. bye bye Heidi

My new mate Heidi is a comedian. She writes in German to make all my readers receive lesson in German. What she is trying to say is "lerne deutsch." Learn German! Wayne a native Australian has words for you in English

G'day my name is Wayne but my friends call me POOH. I have lived in Queensland all my life, but I have spent most of my time. in big cities like Brisbane. but it has always been rather a drag, However now I'm moving out to the red center to be a country bumpkin and ride motorbike's for a living, so it should be great. I'm moving to a little country town called Boulia which is approximately in the middle of Australia, .It is just A little bit south of Mt. Isa so it is basically as dry as dog's ball's, but when it rains , the whole place flood's big time.

Both my mates have left me in Townsville for other destinations, with only five more hours to Cairns.

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