May 25, 1997


I cycled 75 km to Inno Hot Springs for a soak. The mineral bath feels good to the weary bones. The rough off-road terrain beats on a body. The campsite and baths were a bit dear at 13 bucks per night. However, several folks gave me some fruit because they were headed in the direction of an inspection point for the papaya fruit fly.

May 26, 1997


I relaxed in the mineral baths until late afternoon, then cycled 35 km to the township of Ravenshoe. A quaint little town with goods and services. After a quick stop at the heath food store, I went back to the bush. I camped along side the Millstream River. The place was loaded with leeches.




A. Curtain Fig Tree

B. Wildflower Field

C. Lake Eacham

D. Zillie Falls

Centre: White lipped Tree Frog

Photo: Peter Lik

Curtin Fig Tree

I cycled to the Curtain Fig Tree (Ficus Virens) outside of Yungaburra. I'm camped in the rain forest next to the "Curtain Fig Tree". Many of the nocturnal creatures are having a feed session high above my campsite. I can hear loads of rustling noises, but it is hard to spot the animals. A few of the ground animals are outside the tent and checking out this computer. Now I am going to introduce myself to the possums and other lil' friends. G'night.

May 28, 1997


Rolled into Town in the A.M. and met Johnny Law, fully aware that it is mandatory to wear a Helmet in Australia. After realizing I was in town to do a story on Atherton he was most helpful. I visited my local contact, Joan Speirs, and offered to assist with her resale produce business. Joan resales avocados and tomatoes to markets and cafes. I enjoyed the stay in a beautiful farm house.

May 31, 1997


I went to a country horse race with one of Joan's regular boarders in Almanden. Alexandria, the gypsy, and I had a ball in a little outback town. Half the town of Chillagoe showed up to welcome me home. The people watching at the race was priceless. The most genuine kind they make.

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