June 2, 1997


A change in plans! My career as a movie star has been put on hold. Unfortunately, work permits will not allow this possibllity. The show must go on! Back at home base, I'm reorganizing in Trinity Beach with Colleen and Paul Geysen. I spent the day in Cairns searching for alternatives. It's Possible, I may travel to Darwin in a (painful to say) automobile. The distance of over 2000 km would take time on a bike. Indonesia is more of an interest at this time. Well, time will tell. See Ya! Travelling Timmy

June 4, 1997


The gang at Trinity Cycle Works in Cairns graciously assisted my journey. They provided technical support of a major tuneup of the BIG DOG. This is the first servicing of the bike in over 12000 km. As my travels will take me into Indonesia the services are very limited. I can recommend Trinity Cycles for repairs and advise at 40 Alpin St Cairns. Also, Oliver can be found on the web at http://www.trinitycycles.com.au.


June 6, 1997


Finally I can give the Geysen's their peace back. I will travel to Darwin with two other people from Cairns today. Colleen and Paul have a few departing words for World Bike fans.....

Its been a pleasure having Tim around. We will miss him, but via this modern technology I guess we will be able to find his whereabouts. Good Luck Tim. Go get em! Heaven help Darwin and Indonesia. Lock up your daughters ladies. Have fun!

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