August 11,1999

After some short hop rides around town, it was time to get back in the downhill saddle.  The next destination was the neighboring ski resort of Keystone.   Although smaller than Breckenridge, it was rumored to have some intense rides.   Acting on a tip from my good buddy Sted at Sports Stalker, I was able to snag a free pass.  Many folks rent a bike and buy a full day pass.  Often times these people take a ride or two and for whatever reason decide to call it an early day, sometimes very early.  The deal was simple enough, hang around the rental shop and snag a ticket of a returned cycle.  By 10 am, I was off with my pass.

               lakedillonbike.jpg (15145 bytes)       

                  Lake Dillon Viewed From Keystone Peak             


                timpaulpeak.jpg (21970 bytes)

                                Time Out At The Top


                reallywrong.jpg (15881 bytes)

                                    The Title Says It All                         

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