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                                 Peak 6 At Breckenridge                                      Peak 8 At Breckenridge

August 10, 1999

After some killer rides, it was time to chill in the Olympic sized hot tub and relax with the family.  We found some great hiking trails on the other side of the street and we began to embark.  Once again the altitude played a factor.  Even the early climbs started to make us winded, but we trekked on and it was well worth it.   The views of the entire town on a clear summer day were magnificent. 

The kids had a blast on the horseback riding trails.  Chief Cash Only ran a top flight outfit with great horses and an adventurous 90 minute trail ride.  But leave the MasterCard at home, as well as Visa and Discover, because this Indian only takes greenbacks.   

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                     Hiking Outside of Town                       Horse Trails at Peak 7 Stables

Later on in the day we had a great time at a real working gold mine, the Country Boy Gold Mine.  It was pretty cool tour where they take you down into a few of the shafts.

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            Outside Glenwood Springs                           Adventures at the Country Boy Gold Mine


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            Another Breckenridge Vista                                    Near The Mouth of the Mighty Colorado River


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