August 7,1999

On the way back from Aspen we once again ventured for the scenic route.  The cross mountain path would take you over the Continental Divide to the town of Leadville, home of the famous Leadville 100 foot and bike races.  As if the route through Guarnella was nerve racking, it was a piece of cake compared to the trek up to Independence Pass.  The road is very narrow and the right guardrail offered only minimal resistance to the possibility of the sheer drop inches away.  As in the past, the choice of travel was well worth the price of admission because we saw some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery imaginable. 

      independencepass.jpg (12247 bytes)    independencesign.jpg (12774 bytes)

                                                independencekids.jpg (12971 bytes)                          

August 9, 1999




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