June 14, 1997

Darwin/Kupang, Indonesia

Onward to Indonesia. I Departed Darwin, Australia this afternoon for Kupang, Indonesia. The flight will take about one an a half hours over the Timor Sea. The distance is not the issue, it is the culture. Armed with no knowledge of Indonesia, it should make it quite an eye opener. Hopefully, with an open mind and desire to learn, I can explore several of its islands.

The best way to start this journey is get a MAP!!! That way not only can you chart the course but, educate yourself on local Indonesian hot spots. Believe me, this information is not in a travel book. The cycle covers the ground in between the so called attractions. Any questions or support e-mail from this web page. Stay tuned for details.

Happy Trails, Tim

June 15, 1997

Kupang, Indonesia

Some travel notes by Jason Greenwood from Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. :

Kupang is a great place, even better following my arrival here. Unfortunately it's not such a great place for getting lifts on boats to Darwin, at least not when the Trade Winds are blowing in your face.

Things to do in Kupang:

*Watch pigs frolicking on the beach (that's the farm animal, not the local constabulary).

*Jump off a cliff accompanied by a thousand suicidal Indonesians at the local waterfalls.

*Fall into the gaping holes in the road and enjoy a bath in a rare cocktail of effluent.

*Pay through the nose for ale at Teddy's Bar, and pester any foreigners present with the question "Are you sailing to Darwin by any chance?'

*Make new friends at a rate of a hundred per minute by simply strolling down the main street.

*Enjoy offensive ghetto rap music in any demo or tape shop at a bass output comparable to a major earthquake.

*Enjoy a major earthquake, followed by a huge tidal wave to mop up any survivors, then drinks in the evening.

*Meet interesting fellow travelers, such as alcoholic psychotic journalists.

*Savor the delights of ice cream, from street vendors in an assortment of exotic flavors (giardia, dysentery, typhoid, cholera).

*Waste valuable time in searching for a boat to Darwin which is about as likely as locating a sane Asian bus driver.

June 16, 1997

Kupang, Indonesia

Hi, This is Edwin Lerrick the owner of L'Avalon Backpackers in Kupang, Indonesia. I would like to send warm greetings to all of the people traveling around the world and I look forward to seeing you someday in Kupang. If you need any help finding places, or with travel plans, please see any of our English speaking staff to avoid any problems. L'Avalon is a quiet location 50 meters from the beach in Kupang. Located at Sumatra 1 number 8 Tode-Kisar short walking distance to all business. The central location is absolutely packed with information about East Nusa, Tengarra, and Indonesia. The casual laid-back atmosphere, also, includes a banana pancake and fresh fruit salad. Hosts are on call 24 hours a day. The daily cost is 4,000 rupiah or one dollar and seventy cents in US$. One must remember that Indonesia is a third world country. The standard of living is very basic. Kupang is the capital of the southern province of Nusa Tenggara. Even being the business hub for this region the poverty level is high. However, the locals all seem to be jolly people, always greeting strangers with "HELLO MISTER"! Must travel a overnight ferry boarding to Ende on the island of Flores.

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