Segara-Anakan Crater Lake

Mt. Rinjani, Lombok

July 1, 1997


The boat managed to safely arrive in Labuhan, Lombok in the evening. Throughout the day, several from our group relaxed and played cards as we chugged along the north coast of Sambawa Island. The three day trip had heaps of laughs with pleasurable company. The Perma company provided fair services. Several of the passengers have had the shits for the last few days, myself included, due to some food we consumed enroute. Also, our luggage was searched while the group was off the boat in Komodo Island. A couple of people reported amounts of cash missing. However, it would have been difficult to prove the fact. So I guess it's better to be safe then sorry. Luckily, I had my valuables locked in a pack.

Upon our arrival in Lombok, a friend Alex and I headed to the town Sapit. He told me about this beautiful homestay, the Hati Suci. This is the first homestay on the south side of Mount Rinjani. Located away from the tourist areas of Lombok. From Hati Suci, with the help of a guide and a porter, I will make plans to climb the Volcanic Mt Rinjani.

July 2, 1997

Sapit, Lombok

At the homestay Hati Suci, we began planning our hike of Mt. Rinjani with my guide, Adit. Tomorrow Adit, porter, helper and myself will start our ascent of the the 3726 meters Mountain. Inside the crater lake another active volcanic has formed. This Mountain is slowing raising up inside and one day may blow. The last eruption of Mt. Rinjini was in 1972. On a foul note, I have contracted a intestinal stomach infection from the boat trip. Hopefully, I will manage along the trail. I wouldn't want to hiking behind me the next several days.

July 3, 1997

Mt. Rinjini, Lombok

The few winks I managed to get last night were continually interrupted by bowel movements. Then in Lombok, being Muslim, the loud speakers blare the daily masjid (moss) call at In this village there is two ngaji (worship places), so they have dueling loud speakers that can be heard many miles away. The prayer happens five times a day for about half an hour begining at 5am, 1pm, 4pm, 6:15pm and 8pm.

I stopped at the village clinic in the morning and basically I told the assistant doctor what I needed. With Adit translating, I then received some medicine. Hopefully, it will cure the illness. Finally we were able to begin our adventure. Adit( guide), Rusni (helper), Mashuri (porter) and I boarded a bemo( bus) to the village of Sembalun Lawang and the National Park office to get permits issued. The hike now was under way. The porter has a back breaking job. With most of the gear strapped to both ends of pieces of bamboo, he struggles up the mountain. The task is similar to an ox plowing a field uphill. I felt pity for the lad, but he seemed to handle the task at a reasonable pace. The porter's wage for one day is good for Indonesia at $7 US. As for myself, the bowel movements have been under control. With luck and good weather, we will reach the top tomorrow.

July 4, 1997

Mt. Rinjani, Lombok

Wow, what a feeling to reach the summit at 3726 meters(12,225 feet)! Today's trek was two days in one. Because of weather conditions I decided to ascend to the summit. The climate can change rapidly at higher elevations and it appeared a storm may be headed our way. The climb to the peak was a battle. However, I developed tunnel vision and would not be denied. On top the porter and myself were rewarded with spectacular views of Sumbawa Island to the east and Bali to the west. This feeling of accomplishment is a character builder. Many people can not handle the pressure and don't reach the summit. The feat was by no means impossible, but determination must be part of one's personal arsenal.

July 5, 1997

Mr. Rinjani, Crater Lake

On Saturday we made a causal descent to Crater lake. Inside the crater is an active volcanio which erupted in 1994. From the top of the mini volcano, "cotton wool" clouds steam over the lake, which is a great location to savor the feeling of reaching the summit. One can relax in the hot springs and swim in the lake. It is a beautiful thing.

July 6, 1997

Mt. Rinjani

I departed the lake in the early morning with a steep climb out of the lake. On the paths one must cling to the sides of the cliffs which are narrow and meandering. On the other side of the rim the crater has several nice views of the Gili Islands and Bali. There are also many monkeys to be seen along both sides of the rim and at the lake. The decent from the rim to the village of Senaru took 3 hours through a tropical rainforest. The decent was steep, but the trail is well constructed. In Senaru I bathed under a 30 meter waterfall. The force of the water actually knocked your footing around. The journey up and down Mt. Rinjani was enjoyed by my mates and I. I certainly could manage this trek on my own, however the services of the guide, porter, and helper added to the experience. Their help allowed me to truly just appreciate Mt. Rinjani and its natural beauty.

July 7, 1997

Senaru to Sapit

In the morning I boarded a bus from Senaru to Sapit. The adventure would last four hours. I realize why I enjoyed traveling on my cycle so much. On the bus in Indonesia it was extremely crowded with all sort of things. If you are lucky you can even have a goat piss on your leg or a chicken fly about the cabin. With all the frequent stops of the buses, the bike is almost as fast and roads more peaceful and scenic. I chilled at the Hati Suci in Sapit for the rest of the day.

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