August 7, 1997

Penang, Malaysia

In Penang there is a diverse heart beat of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Penang's major town, Georgetown, located in the NE part of the island, is located where the straits between the island and the mainland are at their narrowest. In Georgetown this where the action is! Throughout the city can be found local Chinese shops and lots of interesting local crafts. The restaurants and food carts are everywhere. The food from India and China is cheap and very tasty. Also, the cleaniness is up to western standards. Georgetown has a great feel for travelers and must be experienced. Personally, I have still been feeling shitty. I went to the local clinic today (sunday) and found out I am pregnant. Really, I was diagnosed with Dysentery. I think I will spare you the details. A little medicine to kill off the germs and I will be as good as new. I will then will travel to Southern Thailand to check out the beaches and relax.

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