Thursday: December 26, 1996

Yea hah, finally airborne to Auckland, New Zealand!

All the planning is over let the games begin. From L.A. to N.Z. is a little over twelve hours. The accommodations on Air New Zealand are first class . Looking forward to getting all the gear organized and beginning the exploration around the world.

Monday: December 30, 1996

Cyclone.....cyclone Ferrgus to be exact.

Day one and two has fallen victim to Mama Nature and we have respected her gargantuan ass. She's now has been pissing and farting in our faces for two days and we've had no choice but to take cover. Though we did ride 60-70 km yesterday and have advanced north of Auckland in an attempt to reach the Bay of Islands for some New Year's put it in the words of our sociopathic, alcoholic, degenerate riding companion Deshaun,"Lets get the *#*! outta Dodge". We were heading north, tomorrow we will go south.

Friday: January 3,1997

The last few days have been spent fumbling around trying to figure out which way was up. None of the road maps we've seen or have list any of the street names or minor road names. Because only the motorways are shown clearly on these maps we have had a lame time going in the right direction,. You see, the motorways suck for bicycle use cuz the speed limit is one hundred Kilometers and they always have much car use. Anyway, everything else has been good fun so I'll leave it at that.

Saturday: January 4, 1997

Hi this fast Eddie from the land of kiwis, LION RED, and BIG BOOTY. We're chillin out chewing up rubber, grinding gears,and in general;




An evening that of which I've never dreamt........

In some ways you can take that literally, but in most ways and certainly that of the pragmagmatist the truth usually speaks for itself. New Zealand has fatty foods, intense climactic changes and a penchant for being just the little boring place that it is.

Stop ..Hold the presses..Are we not having fun..

We are Devo..D-E-V-O


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