Hello from New Zealand ...

Sunday: January 5,1997

Been very busy this past week getting things organized. The weather is constantly changing from sun to blowing wind in a few minutes time all day.We experienced the outside of a cyclone 1 with High winds and lots of rain. The culture is very close to American pop .I found the people either supper friendly or a bit cold in many ways. The people are fashionable like California.The food is very GREASY served at mini restaurants called Takeaways.The cost of living here is HIGH.The north islands country side is rolling hills of dairy and farm land.We may be traveling to the south island soon to look for new places to explore. Updates may come from one of three people Ara.Fast Eddie or myself. Goodday, Tim

Tuesday: January 7, 1997

Hello from....Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest lake

The people seem to be friendlier away from Auckland . The scenery is beautiful in the southern part of the north island. There are geothermos all over this place. The kiwis use the thermos as a energy source.After a little over a week of riding all is starting to come together as group.Will be riding to national parks tomorrow to see more killer scenery about 70 kilometers. The riding has been very strenuous because of NZ rolling terrain. Well it's good bye for now.

Thursday: January 9,1997

Hello from the base of Mt. Ruapehu in the center of the north island.This is an active volcano that belches steam and gas.

Next to this is Mt. Ngauruhoe, New Zealand's most active volcano. Every few years Ngauruhoe showers its symmetrical cone with ash and lava that last time was in 95. The destruction is still visible in some form. However, the land is recovering well with many shrubs and numerous wild flowers in bloom. Should make National Park tomorrow to take a train to Wellington to explore that city.Before boarding a ferry to the south island, Have not showered in three days, but, unless the wildlife complains I guess its o.k. Some animal is outside my tent as I type this. Shawn is concerned that it is going to eat the food. The excitement of living in the back country is always changing. Good bye for now-maybe I will even bath tomorrow.

Friday: January 10, 1997

Hello from the train depot in National Park. The three of us are waiting to board a train to the capital city of Wellington. The ride is about four hours if the train makes is on schedule. However, I sense that is not always the case. Surprisingly, living the life of a full-time bicycle tourist does not have many spare moments. Within the next few weeks I anticipate more efficient ways of doing things. The bike riding is almost secondary to good organization of time. It was very powerful riding on a plateau with three active volcanoes. Now it is time to head to Wellington.

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