Timothy Mark Chase was born in 1965 on Halloween eve in Attleboro, Massachussetts. Being the fifth and last of the Annette and Walter Chase brood, he started his life by having his older siblings pissed off at him for ruining their trick or treating that night. Nevertheless, Tim grew up loved and respected by his three sisters and one brother. Tim's adventurous spirit emerged early when, at the age of 8 years old, he hopped a train into Boston to buy fireworks in Chinatown. His entrepreneurial endeavor earned him a quick profit buy reselling the illegal goods to fellow surburban kids. These two traits, risk taking and business savvy, would be the foundation of Tim's rise to fame and fortune. He was a natural athelete competing in soccer, cycling and golf. In fact, Tim was the two-time men's cycle champion of his boyhood city while only in his early teens. Once graduated from high school, he said "screw this friggin cold weather" and headed south to Miami where he lived with his wild 6 time divorced party animal Uncle Art(still a legend in South Florida). Tim worked his way up within the Sysco Corporation becoming the top salesman in the Southern Florida region. After several years of selling food to the masses of the Florida elite of South Beach, Tim once again felt the pull of adventure. He wrangled a transfer to San Francisco where he once again prospered in the Sysco organization. It was there, in the hills of Marin County, that he rediscovered his first love...cycling. Once again, complacency and moderation were not the hallmarks of Tim's personality, so he decided to conquer the world on his world bike adventure. This web site detailing Tim's worldwide assault is where you now find him.

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