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Team Roster

Erik Saunders
Jason Allen
Rahsaan Bahati
Colin Beardsley
Matt Dubberley
Pat Dunaway
Roman Kilun
Geoff Rapoport
Devon Vigus
Zach Walker

DOB: 01.01.82
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Lynwood, CA
Height: 5'11" Weight: 155 lbs
Specialty: Sprinter
Email: rahsaan@bahatiracing.com
Website: www.bahatiracing.com

Rahsaan Bahati

Rahsaan has been one of the best talents to hit the US scene in rcent years. Winner of the Junior National Road Racing and National Criterium Championships in 2000, Rahsaan also clinched the 2000 National Elite Criterium Championships while still in the junior ranks and has gone on to represent the United States at the World Championships for two consecutive years. After taking the 2004 season very easy, Rahsaan looks to 2005 to redeem himself within the peloton. Known as one of the fastest riders in the last 300 meters, he is a major threat in any race the winds up in a field sprint.
He's majoring in Computer Animation and Telecommunications with a minor in African American literature. Rahsaan's favorite author is Frederick Douglass.


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