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Team Roster

Erik Saunders
Jason Allen
Rahsaan Bahati
Colin Beardsley
Matt Dubberley
Pat Dunaway
Roman Kilun
Geoff Rapoport
Devon Vigus
Zach Walker

Team Results

Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
International Superweek
Cascade Classic
4th of July Criterium
Burlingame Criterium
Tour de Nez
Nature Valley
US Pro
Tour of Sommerville
CSC Invitational
CapTech Classic
Cat's Hill Criterium
Tour of Shenandoah
Sea Otter Classic Stage Race
Garrett Lemire Memorial
Redlands Classic

  Race Results Archives...

Manhattan Beach Grand Prix August 14, 2005  

9 Rahsaan Bahati
15 Devon Vigus
39 Geoff Rapoport
41 Jason Allen
action photo!

International Superweek July 8 - 24, 2005  

Beverly Hills Classic
20 Jason Allen

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Classic
7 Rahsaan Bahati

First National Bank Maritime Bay Classic
2 Erik Saunders
26 Rahsaan Bahati
30 Colin Beardsley

Tim Hart DDS/Rainbow Jersey Shorewood Criterium
23 Rahsaan Bahati

Schlitz Park Endeavour Challenge
8 Erik Saunders
10 Jason Allen

Carl Zach Classic
1 Erik Saunders
19 Devon Vigus

Bensenville Criterium
9 Jason Allen
33 Roman Kilun

Ciao Café Tour of Holy Hill
9 Erik Saunders

Cingular of Whitefish Bay Lake Front Road Race
4 Jason Allen
11 Erik Saunders
26 Roman Kilun
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Bellin Health De Pere Classic
30 Roman Kilun

PCW Cycling Heritage Square Criterium
5 Jason Allen
26 Roman Kilun

Chase Food Folks & Spokes
5 Roman Kilun
13 Erik Saunders
28 Colin Beardsley

The Columbia St. Mary's Great Downer Avenue Bike Race
6 Erik Saunders
23 Roman Kilun
action photo!
action photo!

Bodyworks by Concours Whitefish Bay Classic
3 Erik Saunders
22 Roman Kilun
57 Devon Vigus
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Final General Classification
8 Erik Saunders
23 Jason Allen

Cascade Classic July 6 - 10, 2005  

Brooks Resources Prineville Road Race
30 Roman Kilun
34 Geoff Rapoport
38 Pat Dunaway
70 Zach Walker
71 Matt Dubberley

Pacific Power Cascade Lakes Road Race
24 Roman Kilun
26 Pat Dunaway
27 Geoff Rapoport
53 Matt Dubberley
68 Zach Walker
action photo!

Bend Research Inc. Tumalo Time Trial
17 Zach Walker
18 Roman Kilun
49 Geoff Rapoport
62 Pat Dunaway
74 Matt Dubberley

Desert Bone & Joint Specialists/Rebound PT Criterium
19 Roman Kilun
29 Pat Dunaway
32 Geoff Rapoport
39 Zach Walker
65 Matt Dubberley

Deschutes Brewery Awbrey Butte Circuit Race
11 Roman Kilun
18 Zach Walker
21 Geoff Rapoport
34 Pat Dunaway
50 Matt Dubberley

Old Mill District Criterium
27 Roman Kilun
33 Zach Walker
47 Geoff Rapoport
48 Pat Dunaway
53 Matt Dubberley
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4th of July Criterium July 4, 2005  

(by Devon Vigus) This time it's just me against the masses! The main competition here in Davis was Health Net, Jelly Belly, Sierra Nevada and of course a very strong amateur field. Before we started they did rider call ups. All of the pro's in the field were called to the line except me! Including Roman Kilun who didn't even race!! That aside, the race started very fast and right away I felt good. The weather that day was typical for Davis, over 100 degrees!! I had to make sure that I didn't spend too much energy covering attacks from the other teams because I was the only McGuire rider. I also had to make sure to drink a lot of water during the race because it was so hot. I measured my effort well and when I saw Mike Sayers and Andy Jacques-Maynes attack I was able to bridge to them (barely)!! Going across to the break I towed Gavin Chilcott with me. As we were getting close I started loosing steam and Gavin attacked me! He got to the two leaders and I was left in no man's land! This pissed me off and I dug super deep. I finally made it across and was able to rest for a moment before I started pulling. Then the Primes started. At first we were sprinting for them but after a while none of us even tried for them. We just rolled through and whoever was at the front at the time got the prime. This turned out to be a big mistake on my part because I somehow was always at the back of the group for every single prime!! At the time I was hurting so bad from the hot weather that I didn't care about the primes. All I had in mind was the win. Now I wish I would have sprinted for them but I guess hindsight is always 20/20. The rest of the race went smoothly with each rider taking their turn at the front. I started getting a little nervous with five laps to go and I knew I had to watch Mike more than anyone. With one and a half laps to go Mike attacks and I was right on him. With one lap to go we were playing cat and mouse, just barely pedaling. We had at least thirty seconds on the field so I wasn't very worried about getting caught. Gavin started to go and I was right on his wheel. Then Andy gave it a shot and I got right on him. I knew I had the best sprint of the four of us and so did Mike. With two corners to go Mike jumped me and got a gap. I tried to respond as fast as I could to the Attack and going into the final straight away I was gaining on him fast. Mike crossed the finish line just as I was passing him. Mike had won the race but not by much. It was kind of funny, the race promoter came up to me after the race and asked me who I was!! I bet I'll get called to the line next year!! Till next time,

2 Devon Vigus

Burlingame Criterium June 26, 2005  

(by Devon Vigus) The Burlingame Crit is a big race for McGuire/Langdale. Its a local race for us here in the Bay Area and the race course is located at the McGuire corporate office in Burlingame. We always send racers from the pro and elite teams to compete. This year the pro team sent Pat Dunnaway, Colin Beardsley, Roman Kilun and Devon Vigus (myself). Having only four guys for this race proved to be a challenge. The field was stacked with riders from Sierra Nevada/Kodak Gallery, Health Net, Webcor, Symetrics, Jelly Belly and of course McGuire Langdale! The race started fast with attacks from the gun. We rode great as a team and were in every move. No breakaways ended up working and we were all together with five laps to go. Our plan was to lead me out for the sprint, so the guys protected me and kept me out of trouble. With four laps to go disaster struck! Colin was moving up trough the field trying to get in front of me. The field swung right and Colin was right next to me! My rear derailleur went into his front wheel and broke out two of his spokes. Luckily he didn't crash but was out of the race. I had no idea at the time it was Colin, all I knew was that my derailleur wasn't working very well! I spent the next two laps jockeying for position and trying to find a gear that didn't skip. With one lap to go I told Roman to go as hard as he could. He did exactly that and got me to the front. Then there was a surge on the left, Webcor was trying to lead it out! I found Dave McCook's wheel and stayed on it through the tight right, left, right corners and up the back straight. With two corners to go Dave started sprinting with me on his wheel, a Webcor rider tried to take his wheel from me so I gave him a nudge and he backed off. Going through the last corner Jackson Stewart started his sprint. He got a little distance on me before I started my sprint into the last straight away. Jackson held me off for the win. I had to settle for second but was satisfied with the result. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

2 Devon Vigus

Tour de Nez June 16 - 18, 2005  

Time Trial
18 Zach Walker
22 Geoff Rapoport

Downtown Truckee Criterium
6 Zach Walker
31 Geoff Rapoport

Truckee/Tahoe Road Race
6 Zach Walker
22 Roman Kilun

Mighty Tour de Nez Criterium

(by Erik Saunders) Reno, Nevada is at 5500 feet and so that means it sort of hard to breath when you are going all out. This was a tough day and out of the one hundred and twenty starters only thirty some made it the end of the ninety minute race. We were tearing around the course and it was painful on the heart and lungs getting over the hill and around the ten corners each lap. The circuit was seven tenths of a mile long downtown over and around the Truckee river. The air was thin and brisk and there was a strong wind channeled by the building that the course wound its way around. I was surprised by how little resistance the thin air offered, even with the wind, my legs didn't hurt, but you knew you were making a big effort to hold on to the pace because your lungs burned you didn't have the impression that you were getting enough air in.

What is there to say? In a race you pedal and make as much power as you can when its tough... and the only tactic is to follow when its hard. So for the first fourty-five minutes that's what i did, same as everyone else. Some were more sucessful than others, half the pack was gone by the mid way mark.

I couldn't figure out who was able to keep the pace so dialed up because I never was able to see the front of the bike race, I never was less than thirty riders back the whole time. I started in the back and so i had to immediately make a steady huge effort to improve my position as the back markers were struggling with the pace, so I knew I had good legs. To move up in a race as fast as this when it is wheel to wheel full gas means that you are actually going faster than the riders in front.

Half way there was the first real lull. There was one rider off the front with a bit better than five seconds advantage and Zac Walker hit the front of the pack and dialed the tempo back up. Zac was shredding some legs and when he swung off to check the damage everyone took the opportunity to coast for a split second and suck in as much dry thin air as they could- while they could. For the first time, as the pack all swung wide, I had clear road ahead of me, and with no hesitation I drilled it up the side and made a good run for the downhill chicane before the finish. I was clear and making my way to the lone leader, who by now I could make out ahead as Alex Candelario. Thanks to Zac's big attack leaving everyone gasping for breath.

So then, Alex and I had forty five minutes left to ride only ten or so seconds in front of a standout field in a National Calendar Race. There was a lot of horsepower behind us and a long way to go at altitude on a chalenging moto GP type circuit with turns, ups, downs, and two chicanes. The only tactic is to go hard and not get caught.

In the last fifteen minutes of the race there was a chase group that threatened to catch us if we didn't keep the pressure on and so we did. There wasn't enough time to play games and we would just have to sprint it out. I ended up number two.

The form has been good for me all summer but I havent won a race yet. I am bored with top ten. I will taking all the power i have rght now to wisconsin for two weeks of good racing known as "Superweek". Pretty soon I have to win one of these things.
2 Erik Saunders
18 Roman Kilun
20 Zach Walker
21 Geoff Rapoport

Nature Valley Grand Prix June 8 -12, 2005  

Saint Paul Riverfront Time Trial
59 Matt Dubberly
61 Erik Saunders
62 Jason Allen
70 Devon Vigus
72 Roman Kilun
action photo!

Mankato Road Race
11 Erik Saunders
28 Devon Vigus
49 Pat Dunaway
51 Roman Kilun
70 Devon Vigus
75 Jason Allen
92 Matt Dubberley
action photo!

Minneapolis Downtown Classic Criterium
18 Devon Vigus
45 Pat Dunaway
69 Matt Dubberley
70 Erik Saunders
78 Jason Allen
86 Roman Kilun
action photo!
action photo!

Red Wing Road Race
36 Matt Dubberley
37 Erik Saunders
47 Pat Dunaway
51 Roman Kilun
72 Devon Vigus
86 Roman Kilun

Stillwater Criterium
40 Devon Vigus
41 Erik Saunders
42 Pat Dunaway
55 Roman Kilun
action photo!
action photo!

US Pro June 5, 2005  

The 9 Represented in the race were Rahsaan, Jason, Colin, Devon Erik, Matt, Zack and Roman and Pat. This was the Grand Daddy. The USPRO race always feels like the big time. There are helicopters, TV Crews, Photographers everywhere and many many fans of cycling. The lead up and preparation that goes into this race is extreme. We were lucky to have Reed (soigneur) Dan Reyman (mechanic) and Gary Vasconi (Clothing sponsor from Upland Sports) Getting the guys and the bikes ready for the next day of racing. It was 156 miles on an unforgiving course. The temp was 88 at its highest point and the humidity was high as well. Water and food was a must all day long for the guys. Our Approach to the race was to sit until lap 6 as History has shown that nothing stays away at USPRO. A split of 40ish riders got away from the field of over 170 but we were still confident it would come back. About 3 Laps in Jason was having some issues with his chain so he came back to the car and Dan tried to get a link loosened up at 30 miles per hour – it was a no go. So we dropped back to the Mavic car and let them know we needed a 60 cm bike (he is a big guy about 6-3 190) Jason picked up the new bike on the way back down Kelly drive and we left Dan in the road to fix his team bike. The next time around he was good to go and they made the switch. Then we headed down the road at 40mph with a mavic bike hanging out of the window to hand it back to the Mavic car (thanks John).

The break was up to 7 minutes at one point then started to come down quickly. We had lost a few guys to the heat at this point. 2 more large laps and two more time up the big wall of a climb in Manyunk and we had Matt, Zack, Roman and Jason left. The break was coming back and the guys need to be attentive as a split was likely to happen here. The pace was high and the split happened – we missed it and in the process lost Jason and Roman to the effort. Erik and Matt were left to fight it out to the end. The group they were in didn’t look to be working all that hard and were happy to just roll to the finish. In the end they were pulled off before the 3 finishing circuits but given a finishing time for placings of 58th and 62nd ---- This race was a great experience for all the riders as they rarely get a chance to ride with this caliber of racer.

58 Matt Dubberly
62 Erik Saunders

Trenton June 2, 2005  

The 8 Represented in the race were Rahsaan, Jason, Colin, Devon Erik, Matt, Zack and Roman. A big group 18 riders went away early in the race we had to be patient and wait it out as not all of the larger teams were represented so it was really up to them to bring it back. The break really started to break up and come back late in the race with 3 laps to go in the race it was all back together and going to come down to a field sprint. Colin did some work to get Erik and Rahsaan up front through the park. Now in the final Lap it was up to Jason and Erik to lead out Rahsaan to the finish. In one of the final corners Jason was cut-off by one of the british kids and nearly had to come to a stop – now it was all up to Erik to take it to the line. In the end Rahsaan was able to pull off a top 10 finish at 9th amongst a world class field.. He is just around the corner from a big win for McGuire/Langdale.

9 Rahsaan Bahati
69 Jason Allen
83 Devon Vigus
84 Colin Beardsley
102 Erik Saunders
124 Matt Dubberly
125 Zach Walker
action photo!

Lancaster May 31, 2005  

We pulled together a full crew of 8 riders for this race. Knowing it would be a tough race we were heading out for experience with the Euro teams. This race is really fast and technical. The roads are not well maintained are there are many punctures early in the race. Our crew was making an effort to lead out Matt in to the hill with the hope of launching him into a winning break. (see photo below) about half way through the race a break of 13 went and we missed it. The team was confident the breakaway would come back as there were a few strong Euro teams not represented (we didn’t know they just got off the plane. So the break stayed away and our top finisher – Erik Saunders rolled if for 22nd.

22 Erik Saunders
75 Matt Dubberly
action photo!

Tour of Sommerville May 30, 2005  

The McGuire Crew consisted of Erik, Rahsaan, Erik, Devon, Pat, Roman, and Colin. We had an opportunity for the win here with Erik, Jason and Rahsaan really clicking on all cylinders. The race came down to a break off the front again. Erik and Jason were in a group with Marty Nothstien and Dave McCook. So it would be tough to win against those big guns. So Erik sent Jason off solo in chase of the break and just as the sprint for the finish was winding up Jas caught on and gave it a go – being a little toasted from the bridging effort he couldn’t get it to top speed and had to settle for second – a great finish for the team.

2 Jason Allen
10 Erik Saunders
action photo!
action photo!
action photo!

CSC Invitational May 29, 2005  

This race brought out all of the big hitters and a fair amount of Euros as it is sponsored by CSC – a few breaks went away early in the race but came back – in the end again it was a late break that included healthnet – navigators – CSC and Aerospace. We were very close to bringing it back with Erik and Jason chasing hard toward the end. Rahsaan flew home to take the bunch sprint and make it on the podium.

5 Rahsaan Bahati
12 Erik Saunders
13 Jason Allen
29 Roman Kilun
action photo!

CapTech Classic May 26, 2005  

With a larger crew in the mix the team had the win on there sites with Rahsaan Bahati our sprinter just in from So Cal. – with a break of four getting away late in the race it was a game of who would chase it down. The larger teams made an effort but could not close the gap. In the end our Erik Saunders was able to attack the bunch to take the field sprint and 5th place. Erik is really coming around and is the most fit we have seen him in a few years.

5 Erik Saunders
action photo!

Cat's Hill Criterium May 7, 2005 

(by Erik Saunders) At a point in the race it was clear that we were really under represented in the front of the race. With so many of us tired from racing in the Tour of Shenandoah and various other criteriums, it was not going be that easy, but I was feeling confident and Zac was very motivated. It had been hard and obviously to me with only 30 minutes to race it was the time to make the race. There had just been a regrouping and I looked around and made eye contact with Zac. It is nice to be able to that and know that’s all it takes to be on the same page. He knew that I was going to drill it hard all the way into the hill and try to snap it so that he could make the resulting group. So that’s how it happened, but the problem was that I thought Roman was also close. Unfortunately, he wasn’t and with his level of fatigue he needed to be directly on the wheel to follow and attack. We ended up with the right guy in the wrong move with 2 Sierra Nevada riders.

It was a lap later that I knew that we would need to make a chase group with no Sierras so that one of the Sierras in the break would have to commit to making the huge effort to keep us from coming up, thus lessening their numerical advantage. It was better to keep that pressure on them than to allow them to have two guys that could win. It was a way that we could keep a foot in the door for Zac rather than have the door be closed by the numerical advantage. The decision that I had to make was whether or not to just go and make the effort to cross when we were close. I think I should have, but I would have paid a lot for it and I would have HAD to win. Sadly, I wasn’t feeling like it was right to ride over top of Zac in his own race. It was going to be good enough just to have Glen Mitchell make the sacrifice for Jackson Stewart. He did in order to keep me away and that left Zac to deal with Jackson on a more even field.

A bit of tactics for you readers…...

Tour of Shenandoah April 27 - May 1, 2005 

By Marcus Helton, Waynesboro (Va.) Daily News Record

With a smile on his face as bright as the leader’s yellow jersey he wore Sunday, Tour of Shenandoah winner Roman Kilun reflected on his 300-mile odyssey through the Shenandoah Valley – and found himself thinking of Europe.

"Oh my God, I think it’s amazing," the Oakland, Calif., native said of the Virginia countryside. "A couple of years ago, I raced in Europe a little bit, and the riding here — the roads and terrain — are really similar to like Belgium and France, and really fun. Its great, I love it."

Kilun had good reason to smile after finishing No. 1 among the 109 cyclists who started the grueling six-stage race Wednesday. Approximately 60 lasted to cross the finish line Sunday.

Eddy Hilger of the ABG-Endeavor team won the final stage, a 30-mile ride through downtown Waynesboro, but none of the riders could make a serious run at Kilun’s overall time of 11 hours, 38 minutes, 14 seconds.

The Tour started with a three-mile climb at Massanutten Resort and a 30-mile criterium in Harrisonburg four days ago. Then came a 75-mile stage Thursday from Staunton to the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, a102-mile ride from the Homestead to Bedford on Friday and a 60-mile stage from Lexington to Waynesboro on Saturday.

Kilun, a member of the San Francisco-based McGuire Real Estate/Langdale Forest Products team, took hold of the leader’s yellow jersey during Saturday’s trek.

So which stage did the champion find most difficult?

"Honestly, [Sunday] was the hardest just psychologically," Kilun said. "Because I already had the lead, I had to make sure I didn’t lose it. I had a hard time sleeping [Saturday] night; I had to stay really, really relaxed. But physically, it was probably the second road stage, which was from the Homestead over to [Bedford]. That was a hard stage, and that was the money stage."

Speaking of money, the 23-year-old Kilun won $450. Tour director Matt Butterman said he didn’t have an exact figure, but that Kilun and his team netted close to $1,000 combined.

Kilun won’t take too much time to relax before preparing for the Wachovia U.S.Pro Championship in Philadelphia on June 5.

"We were out here for training," he said. "After a race like this, if you don’t keep riding when you get home, your legs just shut down and your body kind of goes into recovery mode and it takes a few weeks to get out of it. If you want to keep improving and building your fitness, you’ve got to keep riding. Cycling is one of those sports where you’ve got to keep doing it or else you lose a lot of fitness really fast."

Kilun, who said he doesn’t consider himself that strong of a climber, found himself in a battle during the longest climb of Saturday’s stage, as he ran neck and neck with Stu Gillespie of the TIAA-CREF team

"He and I were together in the front group of like eight guys, and then he started suffering and dropped," Kilun said. "So I took off, and by the time I got to the top of the climb, two of my teammates caught up to me, and we looked back, and Stu was like 30 seconds away by himself and we motored away and did basically a team time trial all the way to the bottom of the next climb."

After catching the lead group, all Kilun had to do was stay with the pack to take the lead.

"Without my teammates, I wouldn’t have won this race," he said. "So if people think that cycling’s not a team sport, they don’t know, because my guys were the ones that took control of the race."

Sea Otter Classic Stage Race -
(The Breakthrough Ride)

Roman Kilun was second in the road race and 3rd overall GC – Zach Walker and Geoff Rapoport had outstanding rides in the road race finishing 10th and 14th to help the team secure 2nd in the team classification.

Sea Otter is always a great race to have a presence and a result as it is covered well by media and many of the bike industry attend to show off their new wares. I have been coming to seat otter since 96 and it has come a long way since the days of mountain biking and inline skate racing.

Our Team of 6 for the race would be – Erik Saunders, Roman Kilun, Pat Dunaway, Colin Beardsley, Geoff Rapoport and Zach Walker

Prologue – April 14th

The prologue was due to start just after the women’s race around 3pm. Our big hitter for a top finish was Erik Saunders as Erik is good on the track. We followed most of the guys down the corkscrew in the team car for the 3 minutes it would take to finish the course. Everyone was turning in decent times at around 3:10 – 3:20. Zach Walker hit the 3:00 even mark. Erik elected to stick with his road race machine equipped with a rear disk. Following him down the course at almost 50 mph he was noticeably faster than the others . Taking all the right lines through the corners it appeared he was definitely going under 3 minutes which would put him in the top 3. As we crossed the line, I could hear the announcer give his time at 2:55 putting him fourth at the moment. With a number of fast guys behind him, Erik ended up in the top 10 at 9th.

Circuit Race – April 15th

The Race was due to start at 3:45 and was a difficult course with 300 ft of climbing each lap and 27 laps of racing. There was an early break of 15 riders that included our Zach Walker. With around 12 laps to go the break split in half and Zach was in the back half of the split. At the same moment Erik Saunders was making a huge effort to bridge to the break on his own – he came within 30 seconds before having to back off. As the laps ticked away, it became apparent that the winner was going to come from the group of eight up the road. Our guys were going to have to settle for a top 20 finish. Zach and Roman ended up in the chase group that finished 2:46 down on the leaders. Finishing 17th and 20th. Zach would finish the stage 3:04 down on GC and Roman down 3:08.

Fort Ord Road Race – April 16th

The road race was a change from the previous years course through Carmel valley. It took the riders through Fort Ord on the same course used for the district championships.

There would be 900 feet of climbing each lap with a total of 9 laps. The race started with a short loop around the Laguna Seca racecourse before heading down a 2 mile decent to the first climb. During the 4th lap a group of 15 riders rode away from the main field – it was not clear who was in the group for at least one lap. We learned that Roman made the move and a sigh of release in the car. During the 6th Lap we heard through the race radio that Geoff was bridging to Roman’s group (it was over a 1 minute gap with one other rider to work with about half way) as he was bridging we were called up to the breakaway – having the caravan of 5 cars helped Geoff and his bridging companion get to the break – now with 2 in the break our numbers were better. We communicated to Geoff that it was his job to make sure Roman was safe and out of the wind. With about 2 big laps to go we could hear that Stevic (2nd on GC) was getting closer he bridged a 5 minute gap and one of his teammates dropped back to bring him to the break. As this was happening Ollerenshaw (healthnet) attacked bringing Larkin with him while Roman, Mark Collard (webcor ) and Chris Green bridged to the decisive move – Sayers also made his way into the break – Larkin fell off the pace after a few miles.

Here is the final climb just as Roman punched it and put Sayers in difficulty – keeping the pressure on Marc Collard (webcor) also popped and then there were 3.

The break worked well together all the way through the final large lap. As the group made there way up the final climb to laguna seca Roman knew he had to lose one of the healthnet guys so he punched it and put Sayers in difficulty – keeping the pressure on Marc Collard also popped and then there were 3. This was it this was the race the next group was over 2 minutes back – at this point Roman had, at worst, 3rd on the day and 2nd or 3rd on GC. They entered Laguna Seca and Roman had to fight his way back to the 2. It gave me chills to see him enter Laguna seca with the winning break again. (last year he made the break of 15 that came in to win) As they crested the Backside of Laguna Seca for 1 of 2 finishing circuits Doug punched it and got a gap before the decent – Roman had no help from Chris Greene as he was just hanging on. In the end Roman was 2nd on the day. This is a huge finish for Roman and a huge finish for McGuire/Langdale.

2nd on the day (Roman Kilun)

3rd Overall GC (Roman Kilun)

2nd Overall in team standings

This was truly a breakthrough ride for the team – Geoff Rapaport had an outstanding ride to finish 10th on the day. Zach Walker rounded out the top 15 at 14th on the day. Giving our team the honor of 2nd in team standings.

Next Stops – Tour of Shenandoah – Athens Twilight – Roswell Criterium

Garrett Lemire Memorial April 10, 2005  

2 Rahsaan Bahati
12 Eric Saunders
action photo!

Redlands Classic March 31 - April 3, 2005 

Prologue - March 31: Mt. Rubidoux Time Trial
We arrived at the time trial about 2 hours from the start most of the guys were riding over from Redlands to warm up. It is about an hour by bike. We set up shop as we did last year on a side street behind the start. It was the perfect spot as they could warm up in the shade and see the official time clock ticking away. The wind was blowing pretty good all day and it would effect the results of the TT – the average times were considerably lower than last year on the same course. Zach Walker was our hope for a top ten finish in the TT as he was 9th last year. Zach was on a TT bike as were a number of other riders that are good against the clock. As time ticked away it appeared that in order to crack the top 10 you would need to hit a time under 9:10. Roman, another potential top finisher in the TT, was in the gate and flatted just as he was to go off – Mavic was a little slow to get him a wheel and he lost 10 seconds right off. After this mishap JD Stayed in the starting gate with wheels and water to be sure we didn’t have the same problem with others. In the end our top finisher was Zach at 44th and 37 seconds back ? Eric had a good ride at 46 seconds back.
44 Zach Walker
70 Eric Saunders
101 Roman Kilun
118 Geoff Rapoport
135 Matt Dubberly
142 Pat Dunaway
145 Colin Beardsley
191 Rahsaan Bahati

Stage 1 - April 1: Oak Glen Road Race
We arrived at the start at 8 AM loaded with wheels and all supplies for the day. Mark Dunaway and crew met us to take over the feed zones for the day – this was a huge undertaking as there are 3 feeds during the race. We were car number 14 decided with where your top finisher was in the TT. Everyone signed in and equipped themselves with race radios – before I knew it we were off with the race start. There are a number of turns at the beginning of the race and JD and I were trying to feed as much info as possible to the riders. After the first sprint point about 8 mile in Eric was stopped with a flat and got a super slow change – He was gapped off the field quite a bit. Colin hung back to wait for him and as we crested the next incline I tried to pace them back and in the process we lost Colin for good. Eric was working super hard to stay behind me and the officials were giving me a bad time the whole way back (but we couldn’t think of starting the next day without him – so we’d take the fine) after about 10 – 15 minutes we were able to work him back into the caravan. About 30 miles in we had a few inclines that were giving Rahsaan Bahati ,our sprinter we needed on Saturday, some trouble. He was hanging off the back of the group and as we came up on him we made several efforts to get him back the main group and several times he did make it back. Itn the end the riser were just a little to much for him. We will be looking to Rahsaan later in the season for a few big wins on the NRC front. Mile 65ish Zach is down as one of the Under 23’s come over on his wheel – Mavic assists but he looks like he took it pretty hard on the left side. As we are approaching the final miles before the left hander into the final climb to oak glen we still have Erik – Matt – Zach – Pat and Roman. About 10 miles out Pat cramps up and has to roll in on his own – another few mile and Zach is off. As we hit the left its still Erik – Matt and Roman. The wind is on our side for the only time today with the wind at our back as we head up Oak Glen. Roman is now on his own in the frontish group. In the end roman finished 27th amongst a respectable group of riders. The winner of the day was Trent Lowe (Jittery Joes).
27 Roman Kilun
38 Matt Dubberly
44 Geoff Rapoport
90 Eric Saunders
128 Zach Walker

Stage 2 - April 2: Criterium   action photo!
23 Matt Dubberly
24 Eric Saunders
33 Geoff Rapaport
39 Roman Kilun
64 Pat Dunaway
109 Zach Walker

Stage 3 - April 3: Sunset Road Race   action photo!
36 Roman Kilun
46 Geoff Rapaport
67 Matt Dubberly


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