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Team Roster

Erik Saunders
Jason Allen
Rahsaan Bahati
Colin Beardsley
Matt Dubberley
Pat Dunaway
Roman Kilun
Geoff Rapoport
Devon Vigus
Zach Walker

DOB: 11.10.74
Residence: Twentynine Palms, CA
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Height: 5'10" Weight: 165 lbs
Specialty: All around as long as it's flat
Team Role: Captain
Favorite Race: CapTech Classic
Favorite Cyclist: John Durso
Nickname: Erok, Mr. Wiggles
Email: eriksaun@aol.com
Website: www.eriksaunders.com

Erik Saunders

The program is pleased to have Erik coming to the program from Team Ofoto and he will bring his considerable experience and leadership to the squad as team captain. After a highly successful European campaign from 199 to 2002 in which he rode as an Elite amateur as well as a professional, Erik has garnered solid results the past few years and looks to 2005 with great enthusiasm.  In 2003 he earned his first National Championship and hopes to continue his winning ways this year.  His main focus will be the Tour de Georgia as well as the US Pro Championships.  With two wins and two solid top 6 placings at the recent Redlands Classic he is poised for continued success this year.
Erik's off bike activities can best be summed up by the television show "This Old House". He is the team's home improvement specialist who has tackled a wide range of projects while living in the middle of the desert. Erik also stays busy updating his famously popular website and playing the electric guitar.
1st Good Old Days Road Race
3rd CapTech Classic
3rd Red Wing Road Race Nature Valley Grand Prix
5th Freedom Tour
6th Redlands Classic Sunset Circuit Race
7th Redlands Classic Criterium
8th Elite National Track Championships
8th Iron Range Road Race Nature Valley Grand Prix
10th US National Professional Criterium

1st US National Track Championships Madison
1st Stage 4 Heritage Tour, SC
1st Tour of Basking Ridge, NJ
1st American Velodrome Challenge Points Race

1st Tour de Toona Stage 5
1st Temecula Classic
1st LAX Circuit Race
2nd Valencia Gran Prix
2nd Ontario Criterium
6th Schlitz Park Challenge Criterium
8th Tour Of Holy Hill Road Race
18th First Union USPRO Championship (10th Placed American)
21st First Union Invitational

1st Tour of Slovakia Stage 1
7th Memorial Andrzeja Trochnowskiego (Poland)
7th Time Trial Tour de L'Ain (France)
8th Stage 4 Tour de L'Ain
10th Stage 4 Tour de Slovaquie

1st Challans-Challans (Les Circuits des Plages VendÈennes)
1st Le Circuit de Vallèe de La Loire
1st Tour de Loire Atlantique (TT)
1st Deux Jours de Machecoul (TT)
1st L'Aiguillon sur Mer
2nd Prologue, Circuit des Ardennes
2nd Saint Hilaire de Riez (Les Circuits des Plages VendÈennes)
4th Prolougue Tour de Sienne et Marne
6th Chrono des Herbiers

1st L'Aiguillon sur Mer
1st Stage 2 Jours de Machecoul
2nd Deux Jours de Machecoul
3rd Tour de la Porte Ocèane (TT)
3rd Tour de Loire Atlantique (TT)
3rd Deux Jours de Machecoul (TT)

1st 2 Stages in the Tour of Peru
1st Tour de Moore
1st Virginia State Road Race Championships
7th US National Criterium Championships
9th US National Road Race Championships
10th US National Time Trial Championships


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