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Team Roster

Erik Saunders
Jason Allen
Rahsaan Bahati
Colin Beardsley
Matt Dubberley
Pat Dunaway
Roman Kilun
Geoff Rapoport
Devon Vigus
Zach Walker

DOB: 5.31.79
Residence: Berkeley, CA
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Height: 6'1" Weight: 160 lbs
Specialty: All around
Favorite Race: US Pro Championships
Favorite Cyclist: Johan Meusseuw
Nickname: Snake
Email: colinbeardsley@yahoo.com

Colin Beardsley

Colin started racing mountain bikes in 1997 and switched to the road after good local mountain bike races were being cancelled. He has raced for McGuire/Cycle Couriers of SF since the end of 1999. He's raced the NorCal/NV Road races as he's developed into an elite road racer and has also traveled to Wisconsin to participate in the Superweek races for the last three years.
He's spent the last 9 years working in bike shops or doing construction with his Dad, and is currently working at Big Swingin' Cycles in San Francisco, when he's not racing or training on his bike. He lives with his girlfriend and her hamster. His hobbies include drinking coffee, music, politics and watching kung fu movies.


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