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Team Roster

Erik Saunders
Jason Allen
Rahsaan Bahati
Colin Beardsley
Matt Dubberley
Pat Dunaway
Roman Kilun
Geoff Rapoport
Devon Vigus
Zach Walker

DOB: 5.17.77
Residence: Castro Valley, CA
Hometown: Richmond, CA
Height: 5'11" Weight: 168 lbs
Specialty: Sprinter
Favorite Race: US Pro Championships
Favorite Rider: Mario Cipollini
Nickname: Big Worm
Email: devonstator@comcast.net

Devon Vigus

Devon worked as domestique for Gord Fraser on team Health Net at numerous races in 2003 including, U.S. pro R.R. Championships, New York G.P. U.S. pro Criterium Championships and B.C. Super Week. Devon returns as a very important domestique who specializes in leading out the sprinters at the end of the race. He looks forward to the addition of Rahsaan to the program and hopes to deliver him to many victories in 2005.
Devon winds down from racing and training by playing chess and video games and also watching movies.
3rd Enumclaw Stage Race Stage 2
3rd Columbia Plateau Stage Race Stage 3
2nd Mather Field Criterium


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